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My Poetry! September 8, 2008


She struts around like she owns the place
A smug smile upon her face
Her hair gleams like new fallen snow
And is tied up in a prim little bow
Poor little girl, her head’s in a fog-
She doesn’t even know that she’s only a dog!

Barbecue Sauce

Can’t compare
To the spicy
Taste of my
Favorite Sauce.

I dip everything in it
Its the best
Since sliced

Hair Gel

Not too crunchy
Not too soft
My curls are perfect
As long as I can
Get my hands on some
Holds my curls
In place
For hours
Or at least until it rains.


4 Responses to “My Poetry!”

  1. candace2009 Says:

    I love that you were able to rhyme in your poem about Sophie! It really adds to the humor that is already embedded in the poem. I also really like the last line in your poem about Hair Gel. It adds contrast to all of the positive things you mention in the rest of the poem.


  2. Tiffany Mease Says:

    I loved your poems! Great job with the spacing of the phrases and having one word on each line! I also like that there’s some humor in it too because it best portrays who you are!

  3. chelseym Says:

    Tay! Love the poems! The Sophie poem is fantastic! I definitely see her personality in it! And I love the way you described your BBQ sauce and all its wonders! Very nice!

  4. drupysnupy Says:

    I love the barbecue sauce poem!!! I thought it was very interesting that you first talked about what is was made of and then wrote about what you put it on. The rhythm of it was wonderful; using the one word per line really established the rhythm.

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