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Blackbeard I Poem October 1, 2008

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Blackbeard I POEM

I am invincible and relentless.

I wonder if the Navy will try to come for me soon.

I hear the thunder of their cannons calling me to battle.

I see the ocean turn red with their foolish blood.

I want to be the most powerful force on the sea.

I am invincible and relentless.

I pretend that my treasure is unattainable to others.

I feel the cold metal of my medallions in my hand.

I touch the diamonds that glitter in my treasure trove.

I worry that someone will find where I hid it.

I cry because I will never have enough of these treasures to make me happy.

I am invincible and relentless.

I understand that life as a pirate will never be easy.

I say that true pirates never back down.

I dream that the legend of my conquests will live forever.

I try to subjugate all who cross my path to the terror of my reign.

I hope to bask in the glory of my victories for all time.

I am invincible and relentless.