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Two very simple, yet very important things… September 8, 2008

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My hair gel!

My hair gel!

This is my hair gel!  It is very VERY important to the well-being of my hair.  Just one little dollop and my hair can be cured from frizziness and other problems.  I use men’s gel because it is much stronger than women’s gel and it holds my curls in place throughout the day.

BBQ sauce!

BBQ sauce!

Barbecue Sauce is absolutely delectable!  I dip almost everything in it.  I especially love to dip my fries and chicken nuggets in barbecue sauce.  The only problem is that restaurants never give me enough packets and I always have to ask for more!  My favorite barbecue sauce comes from Chick-fil-A and McDonalds.


One Response to “Two very simple, yet very important things…”

  1. fryeem Says:

    Oh you need to talk to Emily Johnson…you both love the condiments. 🙂

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