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The History of My Name September 4, 2008

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My family is from Pennsylvania, and for some reason EVERYONE is always given a nickname, no matter what their name is.  For example, Richard becomes Dicky (horrible, I know) and Craig becomes Craigy, etc.  When my parents discovered that they were going to have a baby they knew that they had to choose a name carefully or else I would forever bear the scars of a terrible nickname.  They wanted a name that was uncommon at the time, that they both agreed on, and that sounded good with our last name.  They had no trouble putting together a list of boys’ names but they struggled finding girls’ names that they liked.  Before they could decide on a girl’s name I was born and they looked at their lists to figure out what they would name me.  The name Taylor was on the boy’s list and they thought it would be a cute name for a girl, so they chose it.  They chose the name Nicole for my middle name simply because they thought it sounded nice with Taylor.  That is how I got my name!  As for the nickname problem, my parents didn’t avoid it as well as they thought!  Shortly after I was born my grandparents started affectionately calling me Tay Tay.  Yuck!

Also, according to http://www.behindthename.com,  the name Taylor was used to denote someone who actually was a tailor!

A cool fact about my name:  Dale Earnhardt’s daughter was supposedly named Taylor Nicole after me!  My mom was Theresa Earnhardt’s dental hygenist one day and Theresa saw my picture up on my mom’s bulletin board.  Theresa asked what my name was and my mom told her.  Theresa was pregnant at the time and later she actually named her daughter Taylor Nicole!


One Response to “The History of My Name”

  1. candace2009 Says:

    That is so cool that Dale Earnhart’s daughter was probably named after you! I have never heard you tell that story.

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